Music Therapy at Leigh Place

As part of our Music Therapy programme, students from Western Sydney University (Masters of Creative Music Therapy) visit our residents each week. Through the therapeutic use of music – improvised, composed, and arranged to meet the needs of individuals and groups of residents: the programme actively promotes interactivity, social inclusion, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Music therapy is not only enjoyable, but also provides cognitive and sensory stimulation for our residents, who are provided with opportunities to maintain and improve their speech and communication skills. The programme also fosters connection with other residents, staff, families, and cultural heritage.

For older people, there is significant evidence of the benefits derived from listening to or participating in music, particularly for those with cognitive and/or communication impairments and physical impairments, in managing pain. Music is also beneficial for dealing with grief and loss (to name but a few of the programme’s many benefits).

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a resident revisit fond memories or recollect past experiences through the power of music.

To find out more about the programme, please contact us today.