Community connections

In recent months of continuous changes and restrictions, we acknowledge how strong and connected our community really is. Our local residents, family, friends and allied health services – local schools, library, hairdressers, staff and volunteers have been outstandingly supportive. We exchanged letters and arts projects with different local schools, commenced an art project with the Art Gallery of NSW and received an overwhelming donation of books from Canterbury Library. We experienced Zoom concerts and nutrition education from St George Development Centre and received many DVD donations from local residents.

Most importantly, we had the support and understanding of family and friends which have complied with the regulations during restricted visits and have been available to do video/phone calls when visits have not been allowed. The large amount of gifts and resources dropped off to the facility for the residents have helped our residents to stay connected and maintain their mental wellbeing.

We would like to thank everyone, particularly families for being patient. We can’t wait to see everyone for some nice outings and catch up soon!