Code of Conduct for Aged Care

Leigh Place strongly supports the introduction of the Code of Conduct for Aged Care.
The purpose of the Code is to:
• Support rights to personal dignity and respect
• Promote kind, honest, and respectful behaviour; and
• Keep residents safe from harm.
This closely mirrors our existing commitment to Care, Compassion, Community, and Choice and echoes our Vision to:
• Provide a high standard of home-like accommodation, care, and services to our residents
• Ensure that each resident has the right to be assisted to maintain their optimum physical and mental health and social well-being
• Ensure that each resident has the same rights as any member of the community in all aspects, regardless of origin, gender, culture, or religious beliefs
• Ensure that each resident’s individuality and independence is respected and maintained; and
• Provide affordable accommodation options to those from our community on lower incomes.
To find out more about the Code or our own strategic vision, goals, and purpose as a registered charity – contact us today!