Celebrating the Festive Season at Leigh Place

Lights, laughter, and seasonal melodies – yes, it is that magical time of the year again!

Amidst the preparations and glittering decorations, we pause to recognise that the holiday season is not just about the festivities; it is importantly about fostering a sense of togetherness, ensuring that everyone feels the warmth of the season, especially our wonderful residents.

At Leigh Place, we treasure the unique stories, traditions, and backgrounds that each resident brings, making our celebrations more vibrant. This Christmas, we are weaving a tapestry of traditions – from cherished carols to cultural delights – embracing the richness of our collective experiences.

We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of connection and camaraderie. From gatherings to engaging activities, we create opportunities to share laughter, stories, and companionship. Our festive celebrations are designed with meticulous care, ensuring everyone can participate in the joy of the season. Whether it’s through sensory experiences, quiet reflections, or lively celebrations: inclusivity is our guiding star.

Spreading Cheer: Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond our walls. We invite families, volunteers, and the wider community to join us in spreading the warmth of the season.

We aim to amplify the spirit of togetherness, sharing the joy of the season with all.